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faithful_sigyn's Journal

Sigyn: Beloved Wife of Loki
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Stories, essays, art, discussions! Everything containing Sigyn and Loki of course!
Faithful Sigyn, the beloved wife of Loki, sitting patiently by his side with a bowl in her hands. She protects him, ever diligently until the bowl fills up with poison and she must leave to pour it out.


This community is about her, her husband, her children, and how they interact with others!

So come in and share with us! Stories, poetry, artwork, icons, videos, prompts, questions! Information about our dear Sigyn and her role in the myths!

This also means that it does not have to only be the mythology verse, but it can be movie verse, comic verse, supernatural verse, not sure if she came out in stargate but sure, why not put in a stargate verse! Maybe it is a crossover verse! Maybe you combine certain verses to make your own!
What matters is that we share and spread the Sigyn and Loki love!!

If you are going to post a story or art work, please make sure to have the following:
And a summary for your stories would be lovely!


*Prompt Thread*
*Filled Thread*
*Welcome Thread!*

Would really love it if some of you could help moderate this community!
There are also tags but there are still some missing! if you want a tag to be put up! let me know!

With that, I welcome you to our community and I hope you enjoy your stay!!

Please Remember to be courteous to each other! we all have different views and opinions on how these characters are, so respect the opinions of others! After all, there are going to be many different portrayals of these characters! please keep that in mind!

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